Easy to battles, the first 17 seconds, received a pass of Julius Bryan Rust Jersey, Derrick Jones, Jr. jumper. The first 17 seconds, Hilde in Derrick Jones Daniel Sprong Jersey, Jr. shooting foul, give the sun a free throw opportunity. 5 minutes 37 seconds, Chris appeared passing mistakes, steals steals. King repeatedly hit the basket, get 12 free throws, penalty 11 goals, free throw percentage reached 91.67%. King this section feel quite good, the team shot rate of 65 Matt Murray Jersey.00%, compared with the sun's 50.00% better, which Cowley - Stan only this section to get 11 points Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey. Three finished, the score is 97-77, the king leading 20 points. In the first round of the playoffs this year, the Warriors will face the challenges of the Blazers. "Shocked the world" is usually used for NCAA's madness in March, describing teams that are not favored to beat the team that is favored. Today, the word was pioneer of the star, Auckland locals Lillard mentioned. "We are not in the playoffs and say, 'Hey, we got into the playoffs, we were satisfied with what we were doing, and we should gracefully choose to give way.'" Lilard said, "we're going We are here to shake the world.