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Second time back

Le 14 April 2017, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

Second time back, 52nd minute, Derrick Jones Brian Dumoulin Jersey, Jr. Feed the ball, Alan - Williams hit a jumper. 7 minutes 28 seconds, Price appear pass mistakes, was Cowley - Stein steals. 8 minutes and 53 seconds, Galloway shot in Ulysa foul, give the sun 2 free throws. The great king inside edge, this section were grabbed 21 rebounds, including seven offensive rebounds, which Taliaferro a person contributed three rebounds, with the advantage under the basket with 19-point lead. The king played a smooth match Chris Kunitz Jersey, this section of the team completed a total of eight assists, which Lawson a teammate sent three passes. King repeatedly hit the basket, won 14 free throws, penalty 11 goals, free throw percentage reached 78 Justin Schultz Jersey.57%. Half of the end, the king to 19 points lead into the next section. I did not finish the season I wanted. "I thought I was able to get into the league and prepare for the game. I suffered a setback in my career, but it also made me get the learning opportunities that most players could get Rob Scuderi Jersey," Simmons said in a video. The Simmons debut to be all-powerful, his vision and passing ability can also bring great help for the team, the 76 coach Brett - Brown said in an interview, he plans next season to Simmons As the team's starting point guard, then, this will also be a unique concept in the league.

Easy to battles

Le 14 April 2017, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

Easy to battles, the first 17 seconds, received a pass of Julius Bryan Rust Jersey, Derrick Jones, Jr. jumper. The first 17 seconds, Hilde in Derrick Jones Daniel Sprong Jersey, Jr. shooting foul, give the sun a free throw opportunity. 5 minutes 37 seconds, Chris appeared passing mistakes, steals steals. King repeatedly hit the basket, get 12 free throws, penalty 11 goals, free throw percentage reached 91.67%. King this section feel quite good, the team shot rate of 65 Matt Murray Jersey.00%, compared with the sun's 50.00% better, which Cowley - Stan only this section to get 11 points Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey. Three finished, the score is 97-77, the king leading 20 points. In the first round of the playoffs this year, the Warriors will face the challenges of the Blazers. "Shocked the world" is usually used for NCAA's madness in March, describing teams that are not favored to beat the team that is favored. Today, the word was pioneer of the star, Auckland locals Lillard mentioned. "We are not in the playoffs and say, 'Hey, we got into the playoffs, we were satisfied with what we were doing, and we should gracefully choose to give way.'" Lilard said, "we're going We are here to shake the world.

The Hornets' main frame

Le 14 April 2017, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

The Hornets' main frame does not seem to change much, can lose three important turns, this effect can not be overlooked Paul Coffey Jersey. But even so, taking into account this year they greeted last season due to shoulder injury only played 7 games outside the gate brake Michael - Kidd - Gil Crist, to some extent equivalent to a signings, the original nor It is so miserable. At the beginning of the season, the Hornets once performed well: in the first seven games made a 6 wins and 1 record, a record team history of the best start record Carl Hagelin Jersey. Although the depth of the season, the difficulty of the race increases, their winning percentage began to gradually fall, but basically still maintained more than 50% of the level until the main center Cody - Zeller's injury Bryan Rust Jersey, so that the team suffered unbearable pain. Because the concussion and thighs hurt, Zeller started from the Bulls on January 3, in nearly two months time intermittently missed 17 games. This 17 field ball, the Hornets record is 3 wins and 14 losses, which includes a wave of the longest seven-game losing streak. Minnesota scored 26 points and 12 rebounds, Dion got 19 points and eight rebounds and three assists and two steals, and Vickers got 18 points and three rebounds and four assists and two assists. Rubio got 14 points. Rebounds 10 assists. The campaign up, Adams tipped, Oradea also soared in the third, the Thunder hit 5-0 start. Rubio soared in the third, Downs also succeeded in the basket Eric Fehr Jersey, the Timberwolves use this wave of offensive to obtain 10-9 lead. However, after the time, the Timberwolves attack completely power off, Thunder took the opportunity to play a wave of 24-5 super offensive, Singh made fouls made two free throws, the Thunder will lead to expand to 18 points. Vickers then made a foul two free throws, the first section of the fight, the Timberwolves 16-33 behind.

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